Africa Research Institute


Africa Research Institute (ARI) encourages debate, questions orthodoxy and challenges “received wisdom” in and about Africa. We seek to promote an informed, nuanced and representative understanding of the continent.

Our work draws attention to good practice and innovation, while also identifying where new approaches might be needed. Examples of practical achievement are of particular interest to us.

Africa Research Institute

ARI’s research is distributed widely within Africa and elsewhere to decision-makers, institutions and individuals with a keen interest in the continent’s future. We also hold regular interactive events with expert speakers in London and Africa.

ARI was founded in 2007. We are independently funded and strictly non-partisan.


ARI selects topics to address through in-house research and insights from external experts. While publications may focus on a particular country, they invariably highlight issues that transcend national boundaries.

Many of our publications are the product of collaboration with policymakers, expert practitioners and academics in Africa. External partners are not remunerated, but benefit from the dissemination of their practical achievements or ideas through ARI’s extensive networks.

ARI publications avoid vagaries and jargon. We present arguments and policy recommendations in a straightforward manner that is comprehensible to all.


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