Our process of collaboration:
We believe collaboration is a process of meaning creation and generation, through a call for action, addressing a shared concern through various stakeholders, communities and partners constructing multiple alternatives through an evaluative process, building a collective knowing – ‘Knowledge’.

A rendering that we propose is working together with the other in cooperation (bringing into action/contact), against the constructed norm – ‘co-labor’ and ‘co-labor-ableing’. ‘Co-labor-ableing1 thus may construct and build an empowering and enabling “commune” from within, one that owns the means of production and controls the modes of dissemination’ through a constant negotiation between the co-laborers and a ‘commune’ ownership of the production thereby no longer on constructing a communication/message/code derived from and only speaking back to a particular class. Further, this process allows each to contribute, each to their own personal means, time, purpose and commitments. It is in this process of co-laboring that we believe, its dissemination also lies within the domain of the creative commons.

Interview Process:
Processes of selecting each on-camera interviewee entail correspondence, meetings and discussions with at least one of the core team member over numerous instances. Further, the process of cinematic rendering, content and locations for an interview have all been a constant shared decision by both the interviewee and production crew. In many instances characters have been interviewed across timelines of 3 months. All the interviewees on the film have decided to share their own personal accounts and narratives, as well as share research and data that they choose to bring to and co-labor with this project.

1:Whys and Whats of Collaboration

stories from: Skin | Colour | Race | Caste – Made in India

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